Where Are You With Your Habits Today?

Have you ever wondered what’s the struggle behind building a new, lasting habit?

The understanding that you’ve been in a situation long enough is a change itself already. The hard part is to finally give in to the realization that change is needed. It might be harder than one might think that pulling yourself together and going through this change is necessary if you’ve become familiar to the feeling. The fear of letting go of this feeling and not thinking the same way as before can be frightening. Humans are creatures of habit.

I’ve seen many close friends making great promises! Scenarios like: “Next week I will start going to the gym, but first, I need money; no, sorry, I’m also exhausted from work; it was so warm under the blanket to pull out that yoga mat…and my back hurts.” The wish and somewhat knowledge about the possible benefits of starting something new without committing to the research and actions it takes. Have you started a habit but quickly found yourself not sticking to it? It is known that without the answer to Why? It is pretty hard to stick to something so planning should be more important than the plan itself.

The story that it takes 21 days to build a lasting habit is a myth. Why? Cause developing one is individual, depending on the person, the habit that is under work and definitely the environment where the person is! As we grow, we become more comfortable to the life we have and it might seem unimaginable to change something we’ve been accustomed for the majority of our lives, like not exercising 4x a week, having sandwich for breakfast, mourning or slamming doors during an argument. Pretty different examples but they carry a point, there are many things we are doing that we are not maybe fully conscious about, and yet they have an impact on our wellbeing.

It is healthy and beneficial to review your agreements with yourself every once in awhile. Here I will give a healthy reading recommendation, that can be your guide into the most basic agreements that you can make in order to have a tremendous positive impact on your day to day life! As Amazon describes it, this book reveals the self-limiting beliefs, that rob us of joy and creates needless suffering, giving an opportunity to create a state of mind that will bring us new experiences of freedom, happiness and love.

New Habit

But back to the habits! Write it down, big and bold, why you are thinking about committing to a new habit. What will be the short and long term benefits, an action plan to execute and pin it up. Your promise to yourself in short term goals will keep you motivated, also, they’re more approachable. Long term goals is the vision You are striving for – where do you want to see Yourself in the future? And this, eventually, will unfold the Life Mission. Life Mission could be you imagining yourself at your 80’th birthday party – what would you like to hear?

Talk about it! Say it out loud when passing your notes on the wall, think and plan loud cause sometimes hearing your thoughts can help you understand them better and it’s easier to track where a thought can go wrong. Talk about it to people who are close, ask for reflection and critique.

A habit should be part of a person not a three day cleansing challenge that has to be carried out  just for the sake of fulfilment. Just like diet is a way of eating that is not limited by time, think about what you can build fundamentally that will be part of you as a person.

Aristoteles, a great Greek philosopher has said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.