The ultimate reminder for the upcoming Detox Challenge

This 3 day Detox Challenge is a first for me, by the way, I’m Keiu and you’ll get to know me better soon, meanwhile, let’s continue with what’s important.

So I want to share with you as much as possible before we all take off together! To all of you who have been part of the previous challenges, welcome back and take a look! You might find some new information… or not… Repeating is the mother of knowledge!

Preparation is everything and thus this document could be helpful for you too 🙂

Your motivation

First and foremost, it is absolutely crucial to stick to the decision when you do decide to participate. Why? Cause the feeling of fulfillment is much more rewarding then quitting and finding excuses. If it makes it easier for you to keep the promise I would suggest you write down the reasons why you’ll be doing this and the outcome you’re looking for.

For example, the reason why I am taking part of this project is to give my body some rest from all this summer bbq and stuff. Before autumn rolls in I think it’s perfect to hit the breaks, breathe and listen to my body for a bit. I’ve found myself being super busy, having high demands and expectations on all levels. Today, this has resulted with a sleeping problem, bad skin, and some pretty awesome mood changes. If the hype about ‘’I feel so much better emotionally’’ is true, I swear I’ll be a frequent detoxer.

Then, I want to find out the level of hunger I might feel and how to cope with this ‘’food addiction’’ (I do believe that hunger is a sensation that can be overcome… like, how else can people fast for 2 weeks?). And then comes curiosity…to do some research about the ingredients I’ll be blending, educate myself a bit 🙂Smoothie recipes

Secondly, PLEASE prepare your smoothie recipes (or at least have some rough ideas) what you’ll be blending during these days.

This will:

  1. Save money
  2. Keep you away from the store
  3. Make it easier to live through till the next meal time since you know what you’ll be eating.

And now that I’m thinking about it – clean your fridge from everything else (recommend) or put a big label on the fridge door “Do you really need to open me right now?”

Today is Friday. 
From today on have one of the meals served liquid and green. This will introduce and give a smooth start for your system. Sven has prepared some cool recipes (added under the post) so you don’t have to grind your gears that much.

No coffee

‘’No Mas’’ coffee! ‘’Oh no, Keiu, but I love coffee’’ – I know, me too! But coffee decreases nutrient absorption and this we don’t want, do we? Didn’t  think so.

We want all the good nutrients to be taken in and used 🙂 Yerba Mate or any other herbal tea (peppermint, chamomile, dandelion root tea..) will help you out. I would personally promote Yerba since it has equal amount caffeine in it without the jittering effects of coffee. You can even drink a cup at eight and go to bed at ten, without a problem. Also, Yerba mate has some good chemical compounds in it that will boost your metabolism to make your body use carbs more efficiently. Meaning: you’ll be getting more energy from the food you eat!

Go for a walk

MOVE! Don’t exercise hard, rather take some nice walks in nature. Fresh air over old town’s food smells! If you feel hungry, go for a walk; if you feel tired, go for a walk; a headache? Take a walk! Secondly, use a sauna to your advantage but keep it on low degrees. This will also give a little boost to your metabolism, and repeated sauna sessions are good for skin elimination. Toxic chemicals and metals can be removed faster than any other method. Bottom line- if you exhaust yourself you get tired and hungry. These three days are more about listening to your body and not pushing it to the limits. You could crash if you test your body’s limits like that and jeopardize the whole experience.

Drink more water

Now, I know that we all know how important water is and if you feel thirsty you’ve already lost a significant amount of liquid from your body. That said, Please bare in mind that for these three days you should double or triple your water intake. More water equals more water in your body equals more toilet breaks and sweat equals to more toxins being flushed out. Staying hydrated is crucial and can help with the headache. In the morning, squeeze some lemon into lukewarm water to get your digestion started and your eyes open.


Please remember, this is not a test to push your body and starve. When you do need to get some extra energy between meals (like me, embracing the office life), take a handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts) since they are high in good calories, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. Brain food simply put. Have your meals planned and stick to the schedule. Headaches can also occur when you have too long breaks between meals or when blood sugar drops. 

On Sunday, the ultimate preparation with shopping and tuning in will take place. You’ll take your list with lemons, bananas, avocados, apples, spinach, celery, parsley and what not, go to the store and Not give in to any temptations! Have your last full breakfast, remember the tastes and look forward to lunch and dinner which will be moderate and light. Invite your body into this experience rather than push it.

Oh, one more thing!

No alcohol, no drugs, no cigarettes!

I wrote another post some time ago in spring about detoxification so check that out also: The 3 Steps to a Successful Green Smoothie Detox

Commit, listen to your body, learn something new about your body, smile and know that I will also be doing this (: