The meal replacement smoothie guide

Smoothie in your daily eating habits can provide a positive impact on your wellbeing, fastens metabolism, boosts your energy levels and help to tackle weight problems in a natural way.

Here you’ll find the very first steps to root drinking smoothies into your daily habits.

When adding superfoods to your smoothies, you’ll boost the nutritional benefits and provide your body with natural vitamins and minerals.

Start with morning smoothies

Start preparing smoothies as your breakfast meal for a couple of days in a row and try to feel how your body reacts to it. You can also make them the night before since they stay edible until 48h after blending (when stored cold). Decide to make a smoothie that you already know and love- no need to have stress factors early into the day. Use known combinations and recipes.

Prepare lunch smoothie to-go

Next, you can try to make a smoothie for lunch. You can do it in the morning or the night before but prepare enough for you to get full to avoid feeling hungry.

PS! Superfoods are up to 100 times more nutrient rich than regular food plus they will keep you loaded for a longer time.

Evening smoothie for better sleep

Prepare one instead of dinner. Try to plan your meals regular so you wouldn’t feel hunger. Smoothie as a dinner will give you more time to be creative and try out new flavors. Drinking one as dinner meal won’t put pressure on your digestion, and you won’t feel heavy/bloated afterward.

Smoothie as a meal means a proper amount of it – for ladies, it’s around 0,5L and for men about 0.75L

“Always feeling tired, irregular diet, lack of vitamins and minerals; these all affected on me on the inside and out. Luckily all of this is in the past now. Healthy eating has become my lifestyle. All those vitamins and minerals what were lacking before, I now can get from my smoothie with Balance blend. It is so easy and comfortable to use, and I don’t need to collect different packages of several superfoods. Everything that I need comes from one package.”

Smoothie as a snack

If you don’t wish to replace a full meal with a smoothie, then have it as a snack instead. Two good times for such a snack would be around 10-11 or 15-16. Prepare one at home and take it with you.

Pre + post-workout smoothie

After a good workout you’ve been sweating and burning some good amount of calories- a great time to reboot yourself. Smoothie will give you immediate nutrients and energy. A fruity smoothie will help you relieve thirst and fill your belly with liquid food that’s easy to digest. Underlining- smoothie after a workout is the fastest way to boost yourself with energy.

How does a smoothie fit to replace any given meal?

  • Immediate relief to hunger that gives energy
  • Easy to digest and doesn’t make you feel bloated
  • Body can easily absorb all the needed nutrients
  • Easy to prepare- takes max 5 minutes!
  • Take it with you everywhere (breakfast in the car, lunch at the office..)
  • Adding superfoods, you’ll boost the smoothie with natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

Our recommendations and people feedback

Breakfast – gives you the needed energy to start your day and help reduce the consumption of coffee

Lunch – preferably a good smoothie as a snack, gives energy

Dinner – better sleep and lighter feeling, waking up will be easier also

Snack – great way to get an energy kick

Replacing breakfast or dinner with a smoothie also helps to tackle weight problems naturally.

What superfoods to use to supercharge your smoothies?

Balance – full of antioxidants (good for skin, holds down aging process), boosts your immune system, gives energy, fruity flavor. Perfect in morning smoothies.
Ingredients: chia seeds, wild blueberries, aronia berries, goji berries, hemp seeds, sea buckthorn, lucuma and rose hip.

Detox – relieves digestive distress, gives energy, helps to neutralize acidity and the bloated feeling after consuming too much food, helps tackle weight problems in a natural way. Women love it!
Ingredients: wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina and camu-camu.

Workout – high protein content, best after a good workout – packed with minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, helps boost muscle recovery, helps boost muscle resistance.
Ingredients: hemp protein, brown rice protein, raw cacao, maca, wild cranberries and baobab fruit.

Crunchy – is packed with healthy omega fats to boost your brain function, high levels of 100% plant-based protein to keep up your energy and stabilize your blood sugar levels, while essential vitamins and minerals increase your stamina, keep your immune system strong and skin radiant.
Ingredients: Hemp seeds, flax seeds, raw cacao nibs, chia seeds and bee pollen.

Smoothies are one of the most nutrient dense meals you can make, but you can boost their nutrients even more with our superfood blends.

All you need is a blender and some of nature’s best ingredients to get started.