Smoothie challenge inspired by you

Three days with green smoothies, charged with superfoods and everything fresh. How are you feeling? I bet you have more energy, clear focus and senses, you’re energetic and light in your body. But probably more than anything, you’re proud and satisfied! And that’s the spirit cause you just finished this Detox Challenge.

Well done, we’re proud of you! Not everybody are willing to push themselves, but you did! Now take a moment and be proud of yourself!

As you can see yourself now, these three days with green smoothies can really do wonders on your body and it inspires us so much to see all of you sharing your #boostyourself moments on Instagram and on Facebook – motivating and supporting each other.

Group mentality and the vibe of doing this challenge together probably encouraged others around you to participate and who knows..maybe someone got inspired by your action and gives this healthy habit of drinking smoothies in the go.

“This… my friends is the last smoothie of the 3-day detox challenge!! I DID IT!! I lost about 3-4kg, appetite for junk food, gained happiness, freedom, and motivation!” – Kristiina

In case you couldn’t start yours today, you can start it tomorrow or whatever day suits you the best. People are starting it every day in their homes and we know some people do it as a weekly 1 day cleanse. Listen to your body and find your own rhythm.

3 Day Detox Smoothie Challenge
One goal of this 3-day challenge is to push yourself and develop the habit of drinking a green smoothie on a daily basis. Because it is one of the most powerful and beneficial things you can do for your health.

“I thought before that I was feeling pretty light in my body, then this is nothing compared to the feeling I am having today. Lots of energy, great sleep, and mood. And only now I realize how much ‘’empty eating’’ I was doing and how little it gave me.” – Kaili

Before starting make sure you get your motivation right and ask yourself why am I doing this?

  1. You want to feel refreshed and energized
  2. You want to boost your immune system
  3. You’ve never done a cleanse before and your body needs it
  4. You want to get back on health track
  5. You have problems with weight loss and you want to develop some new eating habits
  6. …………………………………………

Next Detox Challenge will be held in January, after big holidays, when we’re all sick of eating.

Once again. Thank you guys!
Sven & Teet

By the way, if you are looking for some new smoothie recipes, click here to DOWNLOAD them to your phone or computer.