5 suggestions for a beginner in smoothie world

Gerli’s recommendations for a beginner in smoothie world:

  1. Everything starts with motivation. Figure out for yourself what would you like to accomplish (losing some weight, better eating habits, improved well being, healthier you, etc)
  2. When choosing the ingredients use the ones that are familiar. You have plenty of time to test and try different combinations and flavors.
  3. One of the pros of making smoothies is that it’s time efficient- you just throw all the ingredients into blender and in couple of minutes you’ll have your nutritious snack ready, plus it’s ready to go.
  4. You’ll receive loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants- daily needed fruit and veggie amount in one place!
  5. Drinking smoothies fuels me with energy, gives me a light feeling and my skin glooms. Of course, every change takes time and habits are created only when you’re ready to commit

You’ll find all the needed information to prepare your first smoothie from here: HOW TO MAKE YOUR FIRST SMOOTHIE

Smoothie recipes, first steps and everything else that comes with it from one place.