Meet our Ambassador: Teele Viira

Talented multipotentialite Teele Viira (@teeleviisor) is here to share pieces from her life and views on healthy lifestyle and working out. Let’s see how our ambassador, singer, tv host and actress manage to stay healthy with her busy lifestyle. We are so proud to have such a unique characters with us believing in the same mission as we do. When it comes to Teele, it’s all about positive energy and good vibes.

Tell a little bit about yourself. Where you from and what you do?

I’m coming from a magical place called Saaremaa. It is so nice to think about how lucky I am to born in this place. I always do 100 things on the same time, like I always have done. In the middle school I was already singing, acting, debate and did sports, also I was a really good student. The same went on in high school, when I found love of my life- singing. Still played volleyball and also played some soccer. But this didn’t stop me from acting, dancing and reading poetry.

You come from a small place and went to the city to make your dreams come true. But who you wanted to become as a kid?

I remember how one time somebody asked me who I want to become. I wanted to say cosmetician, but forgot this complicated word and answered cosmonaut. After this time I really don’t remember if I ever really wanted to have one specific job. In that case every day I would have a new answer for this question. I like to be in the present moment and do different things, what make my eyes light up. Luckily nobody never stopped me from that either.

If we look around in this gray daily life, then you just glow with bright energy and sparks. Where does it all come from?

Oh Thank You! I really wish we all shine a little brighter! We know that coming to this Earth will bring us many difficult experiences and learning lessons, but we still choose to born here. Because it is worth it to exist, experience, living, looking, enjoying and communicating. Someone once told me that I’m the mirror of others. The sparkle with what somebody comes towards me is what I reflect. So Sven when you see me shining, then thats something inside you and this is all about how you want to express it.

You are always able to stay present and enjoy the moment. From my own experience I know it is not so easy. What is your secret?

It is not even that easy for me either. During tougher times also my thoughts are going rushing into the future or waiting for a upcoming events. These are the moments when I know I need to bring myself back to the present moment. It really helps me to pay attention to my surroundings, it helps to clear my head from unnecessary thoughts. It’s just like meditation. Also kids are such inspiration. They live in the moment and forget the past so quickly and are able to smile at the simple things. I want to keep that childish part alive in me forever.

How much time you find for working out and healthy eating with your busy lifestyle?

Once my friend said, that three things what will always keep your mood up are working out, good food and bathing. I have to agree, these are really important. I haven’t been really able to give up eating meat and it also haven’t been my goal. But I must say that less I eat meat, the lighter and energetic I feel. But thanks to smoothies I really feel a lot better. There’s nothing better than a fresh smoothie for breakfast. I am a huge island (Saaremaa) food fan; potatoes, beets, carrots, onion and so on are definitely something I always like to get from my grandmothers garden. Also I like to go to forest and pick my own mushrooms, blueberries, lignonberries and etc.

Of course I try to be active, but often I just can’t find the time for it. But even a short morning workout can change the mood for the whole day.

Have healthy eating habits always been important for you?

When I moved away from the island to the city, then of course my eating habits changed. In the beginning as a young artist it wasn’t so easy and I ate a lot of junk food and I ate irregularly. I really saw and felt the changes. I have made many positive changes with my lifestyle past few years. It is great to get older and wiser than a 20 years old me back then.

The city or nature?


Morning or evening workout?

Morning workout.

Berry smoothie or green smoothie?

Green smoothie.

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