Markus Trei – Craving for Something More

Briefly, who are you and what’s your business?

Currently, I’m busy with high-tech industry which is mainly focusing on automobiles, next to it the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) business. The pilot for natural coconut water brand Cocoactive is successfully finished and the product is ready to move on towards the next steps. My background thus is mixed with the beverage industry and marketing where I was situated before the creation of my own company.

Markus, what fuels the fire in you to run your own course?

Firstly, I was done with being an employee. I was craving for something more than just going to work for money. The second big reason was the desire to educate and complement myself, to work on a field that my previous position couldn’t guarantee.

What has been the biggest lesson for you when doing your own business?

Everything takes much longer than you originally planned and all the expenses should be divided by half once more, meaning you should be extra careful when deciding where and how to spend.

How does your morning look like? Activities, food, routines…

Alarm is usually at 8am, I don’t eat breakfast at home or should I say I never eat breakfast. I’m the guy who thinks that the argument ‘’breakfast is the most important meal’’ is a hoax that serves the interests of food producers. I drive to work where I prepare some traditional Yerba Matte tea or black coffee. When my brain really needs some ‘’spark’’ I blend some fresh coffee beans with a teaspoon of cold pressed coconut oil and a spoonful of Estonian butter. First meal comes around after 14:00, when I’m done with training- and yes, I train with empty stomach. Then I’ll return back to work and eat either something I’ve already prepared, make a smoothie at work or go and dine somewhere close. Other times smoothie comes first and after couple of hours a warm meal follows. Dinner would be around 21:00 and then I’ll have a pretty manly portion while still keeping it low on carbs. Since my next meal will be in 16 hours including training, I can afford it to myself. The same routine will be followed until the end of the week when I eat like most of us are used to.

When did you start putting more emphasis on eating and exercising?

Exercising and mindful eating has been in my field of interest for a while. Since I have the type of physiology that’s not allowed to eat everything I have been forced to deal with it plus most of my days I work in a sitting position so moving is vital to keep the pent up stress under check.

What portion does sport cover in your life?

I don’t watch broadcasts, in fact, I don’t even own a TV but on a personal note I’ve practices running, cycling and yoga, having mixed it with some gym and swimming. Sport for me is like any other movement, physical exercise that brings better wellbeing and a better life quality . A constant search for alternatives brought me to coconut water from which “Cocoactive” brand was born also.

What changes have you made in your menu? How has it helped on your wellbeing?

I’ve tried different routines and ways of eating. For example, I had a year where I didn’t touch any other animal proteins except for eggs and fish. Since my life is pretty fast I realized that our geographical location doesn’t support such a diet. No doubt that there is a way to eat quality food and receive all the macronutrients from it but I should hire an assistant to supply me with such food if that’s the case.

How big of a smoothie friend are you?

I’d say I’m rather new in the world of smoothies. I’m still in the phase where I put 10 different components into the blender. As I’ve understood, preparing a smoothie is like preparing pasta- too many ingredients is not good and doesn’t always serve extra value.

How did you discover smoothies?

In 2004 I was working at Club Hollywood and onetime “Lounge 8” as a service manager. First ice cream free smoothies came from there and true, there was a long silence after that.

Do you have any routines with smoothies? What do you use?

When preparing one I tend to focus on the level of macronutrients and feel curious to educate myself on the field of making a smoothie with vegetables and with less sweet ingredients. Smoothie is not included into my everyday menu but it’s a great way to eat raw and consume food that maybe wouldn’t be edible raw alone.

Your words of wisdom to the beginners?

Don’t go crazy with the ingredients and don’t use ice cream. When adding banana consider it a banana smoothie due to it’s strong flavor. If you wish to add some fluffiness then slice a banana and freeze it before, it adds an ice creamy texture to it!

Your favorite smoothie:

  • Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Leafy greens (kale)
  • ‘’Cocoactive’’ coconut water
  • Sprinkle of fresh blueberries on top

Occasionally I add some Boost Yourself Workout blend but then I exclude lime juice since Workout complements perfectly the sweetness of the banana.

Photo: Siim-Kristjan Koppel