How to make your New Year’s resolutions stick

We could pick any day or month of the year and make a promise to ourselves to start a new habit or what not but it’s always the New Year’s promise that everybody is so keen to make.

Just some of the examples could be to:

  • Exercise more
  • Read more books
  • Take better care of their health
  • Get fit for the summer
  • Be more generous to their family

To make promises is never challenging. It only takes a decision. What makes a promises hard to keep might be that we promise too great things to ourselves.

We promise to ourselves that we’ll start eating healthier; quit smoking; get fit for the summer with more exercising and conscious eating habits, all, while reading 12 books and finding our true love.

By having too high expectations for our dreams we can transform them into impossible ones instead. The drive to get things right here and now without thinking about the ‘’Big Picture’’ can be overwhelming and quite easy to come.

What then? Then we disappoint ourselves because we failed. Cause we didn’t keep the promise. Cause we quit already on the third week of January.

For the rest of the year, we’ll be feeling like a complete failure. ‘’Couldn’t even keep a promise to myself.’’

Maybe there’s a better way how to make a promise stick for good?

What if we could dissect our promises into smaller goals while dividing them through a period of time?

3 steps that have helped me keep my promises intact:

  1. I will start my year with a maximum of three goals
  2. My goals will be concrete and results measurable – they answer the question YES/NO or done/undone
  3. I would rather set a smaller goal to achieve it then to leave it undone

If I want to run a 10K round, I will not start with 10K’s but with 1. By running 1K for a period of time I will add one more, then one more until I will reach the desired 10K. At least that’s how I started. One step at a time!

1% in a day equals 30% in a month

You wish to make a little step to get closer to a healthier life, cause you wish to get fit for the summer or just to feel better and healthier in your body?

Nobody knows everything about nutrition when they start, everybody has their own reasons and a journey to go.

You can’t and don’t have to know everything from the start. What’s more important is the Start and take the first step towards the right way.

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That one step could be:

  • Smoothie for breakfast
  • Fruit instead of a sandwich
  • A glass of water instead of soda
  • Cut down on coffee
  • Handful of nuts instead of chocolate
  • Fresh salad and vegetables instead of potatoes
  • Freshly squeezed juice instead of energy drinks

To change your eating habits you don’t need to switch your menu for the whole year and for 365 days. It’s good enough if you swap one habit with a good one and an amazing change has been made already.

It’s so much easier to do it and you also follow through with it easier. Just like that, you move closer to your promise. One ‘’done’’ step is a huge motivator to take another one!

Baby steps! Just take baby steps.

For five years now, I’ve been reading and studying nutrition and I’ve found myself this 6:1 ‘’rule’’. For six days in a week, I eat what is in my eating plan and for one day, I eat everything I want. Would that be chocolate, pizza, a burger or anything I crave for.

If you want to read more, take a book that is less than 700 pages long. Pick something easier that you can finish within weeks. Small victories, remember!

By reading some books, bringing in some small changes in your eating and exercising habits you’ve automatically become more attractive to the opposite sex. Both, physically and intelligence wise.

12 books in a year

My goal for every year is to read (or listen) 12 books. That’s one book in a month with an average of ten pages per day.


One smoothie per day

To balance my eating habits with ‘’one smoothie per day’’ I will finish my year with a score: 362 smoothie days and more than 500 smoothies throughout the year. For me it just is my most nutritious meal of the day. And easiest of course.

During gym days I had 5 meal times out of which 2 were always smoothies. On a daily basis, one would be an easier, green smoothie and the other one a bit more filling and protein rich smoothie after my workout.


1500 abs and 50 pull-ups

Since I couldn’t exercise that much during January, I made a promise to myself that from February I will have a 30-day abs challenge. I started with 200 on the first day and finished with 1500 on the 30’th day (that’s 1,5h of abs exercises).

From June I made another promise, to be able to do 50 pull-ups by the end of summer. I started with 3 pullups after every 1K I ran and by the end of August I ran 7K’s, did seven series of pull-ups in between and voila! 50 pullups


Run 10K’s – I have never done it before

In 2015 I started running in the forest, maximum distance 1-3K’s and for a whole year, my usual distance was 3-5K’s.

The year 2016 was the first time I took the challenge to run 10K’s. Even better, I had a break for two months and this Christmas I crossed 13K’s. My endurance came from these 3-5K laps I had been running for some time.


Swim in the sea until it’s my birthday

In the beginning of September, I made another promise to myself that I would go swimming in the sea (once per week) until it’s my birthday (25’th of November). That got canceled in the end of October and it still haunts me that I didn’t make it. Just be clear, I live in Estonia. Not in the Philippines. The water on the here gets really cold after August.


What I learned- the feeling of fulfillment has a very big positive charge, making me want to achieve more BUT the feeling of failure also injects loads of negative emotions.

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I would like to conclude that it’s better to set three smaller goals to achieve than to pull your navel. They don’t, by any means, have to end with the year, just challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Challenge yourself, make a solid and logical plan how to tackle it. Make it measurable and do it!

By doing so, you’ll be more open to going out there again and test some new boundaries of yours.

If I can do it so can you