How We See Ourselves

”I like to think of our bodies like flowers. And we’re all different flowers.. but all equally beautiful. We’re all different in stature, height, size, shape, color, and creation. We all require different kinds of climates, locations, or soil to bloom to our full potential. And you may be the prettiest daisy, but you’re unable to be appreciative of your form simply because you’re so obsessed with becoming a sunflower, but does that make you any less beautiful as a daisy? Are daisies less beautiful than sunflowers? No. Simply because in your eyes, you’re not what you want to be, that doesn’t mean you lack any kind of beauty. If you stop focusing on what you’re not, and focusing on other people’s (or other flowers) beauty and begin channeling that energy into self-acceptance and awareness of your own beauty, then you will soon realize just how incredible You are. When you stop fighting what you are and trying to change it, you will subconsciously give yourself permission to grow and blossom into your full potential and with that comes a kind of confidence that is unmatched and unbreakable. You’ll still see other flowers beauty, but you’ll also see your own, note: just like flowers, we need to nourish, love and respect ourselves… we need to give ourselves the right kinds of fuel and nutrients to become our best and brightest.” – Sjana

Low Self-esteem and insecurities are a huge problem in our society, but very little is done to change that. More women should take time and focus on themselves and realize the value they have! Because it affects the whole society and women should not hide behind their strengths and walls, but really own themselves. This will also give us a chance to be better role models for younger generations. Nowadays women are so hard on themselves and we are so quick to judge each other. This is the pattern what need to be broken.

We all have insecurities, but I believe that we as women are in the place now when it is okay to talk about these things and tell to the world it is okay to not be perfect. It is okay to accept yourself the way you are and not feeling the need to prove yourself to anybody.

Look around yourself and the women in your life. All these women go through the same things as you. We all have days when we don’t feel our best. Every single one of us has had these moments when you stand in front of the mirror and find these things you wish you could change. There are thousands of women everywhere who don’t like anything about themselves because media and society have made them believe that they aren’t good enough. But guess what, you don’t need to be good enough to anybody else but you.

Media is full of images, attempting to construct what a perfect woman should look like. Every single one of us is a little brainwashed, not even realizing that happening. This is an example of media having direct negative consequences in the society. This issue is so much deeper than it seems. It affects women all around the world psychologically and can lead to many health problems.

We like to say that media is trying to sell that “perfect” image of women, but honestly, we are trying to sell also the “perfect” image of ourselves. But why are we keep doing it? Why can’t we just be ourselves the way we are born? Why women find the need to make alterations? Why we find it so hard to accept ourselves the way we are and present ourselves as naturally, we can? These are the constant questions I have when I’m scrolling through social media.

I know from the first hand how even the most beautiful women in the world can be the most insecure ones. But why are we still hiding our insecurities? Women are such a strong and powerful beings to own their insecurities and are proud of their bodies and themselves the way they are.

Healthy habits are essentials for life, but no magic diet or killer workout won’t lead you the inner peace. Relationship with your body needs to start from acceptance and to love your body the way it is. And then taking steps towards healthier habits. But it all starts from how we treat ourselves. A healthy lifestyle, proper eating habits, and active body are just tools to maintain your well-being, but it can’t change the way you feel inside.

Learn to be grateful for what you have. We are all unique and equally beautiful. There is no competition between any one of us. It’s all about acceptance and finding your peace.