How to naturally sweeten your smoothies

Important part of the smoothies are taste, color and texture. Not always smoothies come out bright and colorful. Even if the color won’t be the most pleasing, it is important to have a nice taste . The taste of the smoothie is something what should never get lost in the process. Smoothies are made of ripe and juicy fruits and it is important to keep the tastes alive and enjoyable. Even if the texture and color can suffer in the process, here are few tips how to keep your smoothies sweet without juices and sweeteners.

  • Use ripe bananas. It is very important to have ripe bananas. Don’t be scared of the speckles on ripe bananas. They show that ripening process has converted them into simple sugars. This is very needed for your digestion, because it is easier to digest ripe bananas. Ripe bananas are also a lot sweeter. Green bananas are definitely big NO NO when it comes to smoothies.
  • Honey is a wonderful natural sweetener. Honey definitely should be bought from farmers market and should be organic. But you should be careful with honey, add it a little bit, because you don’t want to ruin your smoothie being too sweet.
  • Dates are well known for their natural sweetness. Dates contain approximately 32 g of glucose per 100 g. Dates are also composed of large amounts of other sugars, such as fructose, which can be broken down into glucose within your body. 2-3 Dates are enough per smoothie.

Often smoothies can get a little too acid and that’s why it is important to balance it out with sweeter fruits and ingredients mentioned here.