How Professional Fighter Edvin Kibus Found Smoothies

On our first 7-day smoothie program we were happy to invite as many different people, from different fields. During that time we were able to reach out to the most well known lightweight fighter Edvin Kibus. Edvin was new to smoothies and we were more than happy to lead him on the way to learn more about smoothies and their benefits. After just a week of drinking smoothies for breakfast Edvin was sold and he really learned to enjoy those fruit blends. In the interview below you can learn about his experience with Boost Yourself blends.

What were the biggest changes you noticed on the first week of smoothies?

I’m used to eat breakfast. Usually it’s egg in different ways, vegetables or fruits on the side and cup of coffee. But during smoothie week I changed the whole meal with this fresh fruit cocktail. Even drinking coffee I postponed for lunch. Smoothies taste delicious, because you can chose the most desirable ingredients for you and the options are limitless. I was really surprised how fulfilled I felt after a glass of smoothie and I really didn’t felt hunger till lunch time. I even didn’t miss my morning coffee to wake up, because smoothie did it all. It’s all about the habits we are so used to have.

Did you felt that morning smoothies changed your physical form while training?

Probably week is too short time to see physical results. Before this 7-day smoothie program I was scared of not having enough energy, because my body was used with breakfast wast was rich in protein and fat. But I was wrong and I had enough energy and power to train and do my daily things. I felt fulfilled and it didn’t took anything away from my usual training routine.

How your morning routine looks like? 

My mornings are different everyday, but I have my 3 rules. Washing, moving and eating. Today morning was something like that; started with drinking glass of water, then brushed my teeth. For my morning workout I had 30 min jog. Off to shower and then breakfast with wholemeal pancakes (3 eggs, oatmeal, Boost Yourself Balance, cinnamon and coconut flakes) with mint tea.

Did you know about superfoods before being introduced to Boost Yourself blends?

I’d heard about superfoods and tried goji berries here and there, but Boost Yourself blends are so easy to use and really delicious alternative of many powerful ingredients.

How much you pay attention on your eating habits?

As a athlete and being a professional fighter, where it is very important to fit into certain weight category. Then I need to pay attention on what I eat more than average. Even when I need to stay in certain weight category, I need to get enough energy to train hard and improve. Eating healthy and having a balance is very important part of my lifestyle.

How much you train and how your trainings looks like?

It is very different every week, so are the type of trainings and the amount of trainings. Average I workout 6-10 times a week, and that includes technique, strength and resistance trainings. Trainings usually last for 60min-90min.

Your favorite smoothie recipe?

During this 7-day smoothie program I found my 2 favorite ones.

  1. Banana, 1/2 avocado, handful of spinach, a little bit of coconut milk and Detox Blend.
  2. Banana, peach, watermelon and Balance Blend.