Fuel the body you have and create the body you want

Nutrient-rich smoothies are the world’s healthiest fast food, and are highly appreciated by those with athletic lifestyles. Super foods that provide energy are an excellent addition work out smoothies, by help the body to get in shape better and muscles to recover faster.

After an exhausting workout or as a pick-me-up during a strenuous period, boost your smoothie with the Workout Superfood blend, which supplies all the vitamins, proteins and minerals your body needs.

Workout blend is the best source of vegan proteins and minerals for gathering strength after you finish exercising. Super foods help to increase your body’s stamina (maca, baobab); they contain the proteins needed for muscle recovery and growth (hemp protein, brown rice protein); give you a boost of energy (raw cocoa); and supply you with vitamins (cranberry).

Six superfoods in one package!

The efficient mix of six energy-rich superfoods bolsters your body after physical exertion: combats fatigue and prevents muscle pain; improves your athletic form and increases stamina.

  • Maca root and baobab – contains the amino acid tyrosine, which helps to increase the body’s stamina during physical exertion.
  • Brown rice protein and hemp protein * – due to their rich fiber content help to shape your muscles and recover better, by creating the feeling of a full stomach.
  • Raw cocoa– provides necessary minerals (iron, magnesium) for muscle recovery and combats fatigue.
  • Cranberry – adds vitamin C, which increases the body’s performance and helps to strengthen the immune system.

All the ingredients are 100% natural. One package contains enough mix for 14 smoothies.

Drink a Workout Smoothie after you’ve finished exercising.

Consuming carbohydrates and proteins in liquid form makes it easier for the body to process the nutrients and easier for your cells to absorb them. Drink a smoothie 20 to 30 minutes after your workout!

  • Improves stamina and protects the muscles from stress
  • Helps burn fats efficiently
  • Helps the recovery and growth of muscles
  • Provides energy after your workout
  • Supplies the body with vitamins and minerals

A Workout-smoothie – part of a healthy lifestyle

If you are active – run, practice yoga or go to the gym – and you expend energy.

Drinking a Workout-smoothie is a handy way of restoring your energy reserves. It contains the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals that your body needs after physical exertion.

  1. Potassium, calcium, and sodium help to maintain energy and balance the level of fluids in the body.
  2. Iron helps oxygen to circulate in the body and to supply it with nutrients.
  3. The nutritional value of magnesium is closely related to the production of energy, consumption of oxygen, the functioning of the central nervous system, glucose metabolism and activity of the muscles.
  4. Vitamin B2 helps the body produce energy through various chemical reactions.
  5. Zinc ensures optimal physical capability and high energy level.

Free smoothie recipes included in every package you order.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are seeds, berries or grains that have a higher than average content of vitamins or minerals, which take care of your body’s needs in every way and provide energy and vitality.

The nutritional value of your smoothies is multiplied by the 100%-natural superfoods.

  • Supply your body with nutrients. All superfoods are rich in required nutrients and have very few bad fats and processed sugar, which is ill-suited for your diet.
  • Strengthen your immune system. The nutrients and vegetable compounds in many super foods strengthen the immune system, so you won’t get sick or catch colds as often.
  • Fight free radicals. Super foods are rich in antitoxins, which fight and eliminate free radicals. This will improve your health, reduce the risk of heart disease and help you stay young longer.
  • Keep your heart healthy. All these nutrients, fibers and healthy fats, and vegetable compounds also protect your heart, by reducing inflammation and strengthening blood vessels.
  • Make you feel better. Super foods provide energy and combat fatigue.
  • Improve your metabolism and help watch your weight. Many super foods are rich in fibers and low in calories so that you can fill up your plate without having to worry about excess calories. Along with fibers, some of the calorie-rich super foods are also rich in proteins and good fats, so that your stomach stays full longer; and some help to efficiently burn calories.
  • Help to preserve your youthful complexion. The antitoxins found in super foods protect the skin. Many super foods are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens connective tissue and ensures beautiful and healthy skin.