Four Eyes, Two Souls and Smoothies in the Tropics

You know the couples on Instagram who are always all smiles and cuddles, traveling from one part of the world to another, taking sexy ass pictures of each other and really enjoying their youth? We have one of those #relationshipgoals couples here with us to share a little bit about their world.

Seeing Juhani (@jussjuss) doing something he has always been passionate about is pretty awesome, but what makes it all a little more awesome is that his main chick Katri (@katrikats) is also Boost Yourself ambassador. We are more than happy to see how Boost Yourself been able to be part of their travels and now they are here to give some juicy details about themselves and their relationship… and of course their passion to smoothies!


Tell our followers a little bit about yourself, who you are and what you do?

J: I am the adventurer, I have always been this way.  I need to keep myself interested at all times. Therefore you can tell me “lets go” and the next day we are gone. I work in the field of film –and video-making, that’s my hobby, work and passion combined in one. I found my passion in videos back in times through skateboarding on the streets of Tallinn. Skateboarding was highly popular. Someone landed a new trick – boom camera out and online it goes.

K: Hi I’m Katri usually called by name Kats. I studied Government and Politics in university but since I graduated 2 years ago and wasn’t really sure what to do next I started working in the clothing industry. Also, I played volleyball for 12 years quite a lot, basically had no time besides trainings and school and probably got my active lifestyle bug from there.  I really love to surf tough I need to do it more often to get better and hell yeah if there is a lot of snow I will take out my snowboard!

Right now I know I want to link traveling with working, so I and my super talented boyfriend are making our steps towards that.


Who of two of you is more adventurous?

J: I find lots of adventurous energy inside me, which I pour into her. Then the energy bounces back to me with a twist in it. The result  – we vibrate on the same frequency.

K: I am always thinking about new plans (google’ing around, searching flights and so on) and also I usually have crazy ideas and I want to reach them as soon as possible so right away I tell them to Juhani and he is always down, like seriously ALWAYS – pure and happy energy and then you suddenly feel like yessss why not now, yes now is perfect timing, let’s do this! So I have to say we are both very adventurous.


Who comes up with most spontaneous travel ideas first?

J: The point is not who comes up with the ideas first, the point is who would really accomplish these ideas. Sure, you need to be spontaneous to travel, but there needs to be a plan to stick with.

K: Spontaneous is definitely a word for describing me, cause I’m more ‘’let’s go and see’’ kind of person but He likes to have at least some plan.

How you start your day?

J: I am more of an evening and night person, I don’t really start the day. Kats starts it for me. But when we travel, I start my day with a sunrise shoot. I can’t  afford to miss another beautiful scene.

K: I can’t leave home without breakfast, amen to that.  For me, it is the most important meal of the day. In summer time or in warm places when traveling I usually have fruits or smoothie with fresh berries (grandma’s berries are the best), but since I am still officially living in Estonia and we don’t have the best selection of fruits in winter time I usually make oatmeal and cut some banana on it and pour some goodies on like seeds or Boost Yourself blend.

boost yourself superfood blend

Who is the bigger smoothie master?

J: She can open her smoothie bar soon, cause these smoothies are the best. Actually, the bar is already open and it has at least one “Gold Card” member. Yep – that’s me.

K: I started doing smoothies a lot while ago, then He started to like them, cause it is quick, fresh and most importantly you can have it on the go! Then He started doing smoothies a lot and I loved it but I still have to say I am just better in this.

What are you looking for when you look through the lens in the new destination of your travels?

J: Look through the lens. Yes, but what?

K: Right now I think we are chasing the sun & warmth and places where to have fun in the water.


Morning hike or sleep in?

J: Yeah to morning activities!!!  Of course depending on why, where and what happened last night, but I prefer pushing my butt up rather than sleeping in.

K: Morning hike definitely, I rather go to bed early and get up early as well!

Yoga or Thai Boxing?

J: I got the real inspirational Yoga experience in Thailand, Koh Samui. As well as I love Muay Thai.

Yoga to start a day, Muay Thai to balance the focus and Massage to release the tensions.

K: Boxing & Thai Boxing ( since I’ve tried it out now)

Tropics or the city?

J: Hands down the sun, sand surf and fun, or up in the mountains and three-sixties.

K: Tropics for like 9 months and then 3 months of the city would be perfect for me!


Green or berry smoothies?

J: I really like variety in life. Therefore I don’t really want to choose. Can I take both?

Usually, I just check what I have in the fridge to blend. Hmm… there’s some watermelon, I found some mint, a piece of lemon and there it is. My favorite one is ready.

K: Berry! My all time favorite for two – 1 banana, hand full of raspberries or blueberries, 2-3 freshly squeezed oranges, natural yogurt or almond milk, pumpkin and chia seeds and lately I’ve also been adding Boost Yourself Superfood Blends… makes my life little easier!

What are the three things you love the most about traveling?

J: First – endless opportunities

Second – better understanding of how I really want to live my life

Third – networking

K: Finding myself in situations I’ve never been before, you learn a lot about yourself!

Meeting new people who somehow were meant to be there and making friends across the world.

Going to new places and never knowing exactly what to expect.


What is the greatest thing you have learned about each other while traveling?

J: I have learned a lot about myself. Only when knowing something about yourself, you can start looking into others. But I have learned something very special about her, that takes many years to achieve. And if I tell you this now, it’s not special anymore.

K: That He needs to have some kind of a plan and also that he can stay really calm in whatever situation.

What your workout routine looks like?

J: Usually I don’t have much time for workouts, cause I have so many other things I want to do. I love doing something active which I can turn into workout. For example surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and so on. But Boost Yourself obviously knows the secret – Freshly eating beats your gym hours.

K: Going for 45min – 1hour run but it really depends on the weather for me. Usually  15minute warm up run and gym but I don’t go crazy on weights I like to do series, also core training and exercises with my bodyweight and  I really like boxing as a workout.


Where you want to go next?

J: I really want to travel all the different cultures to get the understanding of how one or another sees the world, how they are living, what’s important in their life etc. Then I will combine all the tips to find the best path in life.

K: All the beautiful Islands all around the world (guess in heart I am an Island girl) and then would love to go to Brazil and also Mexico.