Forming habits takes time — Siiri’s experience

Our lifestyle and habits affect our health. Habits are the activities that you do every day, and you’re often the victim of your habits. I’ve also been the victim of my habits when it comes to eating.

Everyone has to find their own motivation to change inside themselves. I started drinking smoothies for a reason. I was a real coffeeholic and drank five to six cups in the course of eight hours, and often grabbed for chocolate as a snack. By 6 o’clock I was exhausted and had to sleep for an hour to feel normal again. It’s abnormal to be so tired at end of the workday. My mornings were very chaotic and I didn’t eat properly because getting the kids ready in the morning took up all my time. Smoothies solved that problem and I got fed in the morning. And I have to admit that after drinking smoothies every morning for a month, I also saw a change in my other habits. I reduced my coffee drinking and started eating fruits as snacks, which filled my stomach instead of just filling me up with empty calories. All in all, I felt better, wasn’t sleepy at the end of the workday and felt healthier.

“You need a good reason to turn an activity into a daily habit. It must be easy and produce visible positive results.”

I want to share Siiri’s inspiring experience with you and tell you how a 3-day cleansing cure changed her eating habits.

Maybe you’ll learn something from her experience. Sometimes, seeing what others have accomplished gives you new ideas.

How many times have you done a 3-day Detox? How does a regular cleansing cure seem to you as a regular smoothie drinker?

I did the 3-day Detox for the third time. The first was in January, the second in the spring and now in September with you 🙂 I don’t think I would’ve undertaken the cleansing cure alone, but it’s good to do it along with others. This time it was harder to stick with the program, especially when I went to visit my mother. And when I went to a restaurant with my friend on the last day of the Detox.  I took my smoothies with me to my mother’s and at the restaurant, I drank green tea and water. I managed! I’ll definitely take part next time!

I sometimes make a smoothie bowl for a change. It feels different to eat a smoothie with a spoon along with Crunchy Super Seeds mix and fresh fruits or berries.

I have to say that my current favorite is a banana-nut-almond milk smoothie with Workout mix – great after exercising! It’s really good made with frozen bananas!

You’re one of our most loyal smoothie drinkers. How do you feel looking back – have smoothies changed your eating habits?

I started getting interested in smoothies last autumn… I don’t remember whether it was because I saw your website, or for some other reason. Since I was slowly starting to work out, I was trying to eat a little healthier. I made my first smoothies with a hand blender, but my friends gave me a blender for my birthday in November, and I started experimented.

Then, there was the first Detox Challenge and I really felt great afterwards!

The greatest changes occurred after the last Detox cure. I’ve started drinking Yerba Mate tea in the morning instead of coffee. Earlier I drank a large cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes also after work. I haven’t given up coffee entirely, but during the last two weeks I’ve only had one cup of coffee! And since I don’t drink coffee anymore, then I also don’t consume as much sugar, because I drink my tea without sugar or honey.

I make smoothies every day. I make them for breakfast and sometimes take them to work to drink instead of lunch. And I definitely drink a Workout smoothie after exercising.

Generally, I watch what I eat more carefully and sometimes when I don’t know what to eat I just make a smoothie 🙂

What should you do after completing a 3-day Detox smoothie cure?

Or how can you maintain the achieved results – more energy, more radiant skin, weight loss, etc.? Actually, it’s simpler than you think – make a green smoothie into a daily habit.

  1. Helps you lose weight
  2. You’ll have more energy
  3. Smoothies are easy to make
  4. You make healthier choices during the day
  5. Your digestion will improve instantly
  6. Your meals will be more nutritious
  7. You’ll have healthier skin and more radiant complexion

Green smoothie bowl recipe
Where to start?

  1. Start with a morning smoothie – your first bellyful in only 5 minutes
  2. Make a smoothie to take along for lunch – a fast solution for a fast time
  3. An evening smoothie helps you sleep better – doesn’t burden your body with digestion and makes it easy to wake up in the morning
  4. Have a smoothie as a snack – drink one a few hours before dinner and it will keep you from overeating
  5. Take a smoothie with you when you work out – 30 minutes after your workout is the best time to give your body the nutrients it needs to start your muscle recovery.
  6. Stop your sugar cravings with a smoothie – it’s a better choice than t empty calories that don’t fill your stomach.

Form your own habits and one smoothie a day is the easiest way to start. Thereafter, your daily vitamins won’t come from the pharmacy but from berries, fruits and vegetables instead.

With best wishes,