Who can benefit from Boost Yourself products?

Anyone who wants to look, feel and perform better everyday.



How do I use it?

Add few spoonfuls to your favorite smoothie, muesli, oatmeal, yoghurt, or raw desserts.



Does it go off?

Our superfoods are fresh so the sooner you eat the better. Your bag will last for approximately six months.



Is it gluten and diary free?

Yes – dairy free, gluten free, bullshit free and vegan. All our ingredients are in their purest forms, the way they should be. No added sugar, no additives, no harmful preservatives and no fillers.

How can I pay?

You can pay by Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. All of these are processed through Paypal itself. And no, you don’t need to setup a Paypal account to pay.


Domestic Shipping?

Shipping is free for all orders over 25€ in our home country Estonia. Typically, delivery is made in 1-3 days from the order date and we send it to you using Omniva Parcel Terminals.



Do we ship overseas?

Yes, we do ship worldwide! We offer two types of shipping, starting €4.95 per bag that is untraceable and we cannot assure your delivery but if certainty is something you value then for € 8.95 you’ll get a tracking code and keep an eye of your package everywhere around the world.

When you order over 50€ then we will cover the shipping fee. Delivery outside of Estonia takes about 5-10 days. Outside of Europe probably 5-20 days. Please be patient. We do our best to get our product into your hands as soon as possible, however once it’s in the hands of Postmen it’s under their control.

What’s your policy on Returns & Exchanges?


The upmost care will be taken when packaging your product. Should anything be damaged during transit or not arrive within 7 days (international orders 20 days) please advise us immediately hello@boost.ee to discuss your situation.