Detox Challenge – Check! Thank You

Hey, we were just wondering how are you feeling today?

This three day Detox Challenge gave us so much! The feeling of being united for the same goal, to support and encourage each other – an absolutely amazing emotion to take away from this experience. There is probably nothing more satisfying than overcoming yourself, to test your limits and mental strength – to see where does this imaginary line run. Well! You can look into the mirror and say ‘’Not yet! There is still plenty of space to stretch it.’’

Lovely to see that all of you put your heart and soul into it and kept a clear mind. This challenge was not to starve oneself but to show an alternative way of eating while still being completely supercharged with energy. And you proved it! So… we bow to you since you trusted us and chose to take this journey.

One thing for sure, this is one hell of a crowd to challenge and we’re more than excited to start thinking about new ways to add some spice to this everyday life and have fun with fruits and veggies. Win-win!

With love,
Sven & Teet