The 3 Steps to a Successful Green Smoothie Detox

As I’ve become a part of this wonderful journey by becoming more conscious about eating clean and reviewing my agreements to build some great new habits the almighty word “detox” runs through and brings a hell of noise with it. I find it important to seek some personal clearance about the nature of this word and at least try to justify the essence and importance of cleansing.

Living in an era where fast food is an easy getaway and the consumption of alcohol the new social norm, the idea of purifying your soul and getting your sins redeemed sounds like a hell of a business plan. Even better, if they promise that the only thing you have to do is to go through this x-day course and you’re good. As a result, the word detox has developed a very bad taste to it and used wrong by many industries.

But wait! Is there any other way to this than drinking laxative tea for a week?

Allow me to introduce three powerful organs that work on the clock to “clean” the body from anything harmful. A bit scientific but bare with me, there is a point!

#1 Liver, that is an absolute double-shift working machine is trying to keep the system running while I’m living my everyday life or enjoying an occasional social gathering at 2 am! All blood goes through it, eliminating “bad” by-products that the body produces (when breaking down food, the liver produces bile, which is critical for digestion and for the breakdown of fats; it also carries waste to the intestine which will be later dumped into the toilet). Liver is also a warehouse to supply  body cells with energy (when eating, pancreas releases insulin which triggers the liver to absorb glucose and uses it later as a source of energy for the cells when food is not around)

#2 Kidneys that clean blood from waste and water. Kidneys have these tiny filtering units made of millions of tiny blood vessels. Human body weight is up to 60% water, and so when blood gets pumped through kidneys (that would be the whole body blood supply in 5 minutes!), all waste products will be removed from the blood and carried out from the body when visiting the toilet for a pee.

#3 Lungs are like a 5-star filtration system, serving a detoxification purpose all the way from the beginning of a breath. Nose hair will be the first part of the system that will try to catch any dirt, dust or antigens entering further respiratory tract. Lungs and the airways are equipped with the mucous secretion that will trap all antigens and will be coughed out. When we breathe, oxygen in the lungs will pass small capillaries and enrich blood, when exhaling, the toxins from the blood will be discharged as gas.

Ingredients for a green smoothie
So then… Our bodies are pretty well equipped to carry out cleansing, don’t you think? But life is comfortable and fast so it’s not a bad idea to give the body some conscious attention regarding how we treat it! The easiest place to start with is to review what goes in the mouth or how much we move.

Juicing or making smoothies from vegetables is a great tool since all the nutrients go right into the bloodstream and fuel our cells which in return boosts the body’s energy levels. Having enough water (by enough I mean enough that the sensation of thirst wouldn’t come) will maintain a proper circulation of nutrients, will help respiratory tract to produce more mucous so it would be easier to get rid of the toxins and exercising will fuel the body with energy, supports the purification of lungs, prevents any harmful toxins entering the bloodstream and in return all these actions will boost immune system.

Our 3 day detox challenge is not asking you to starve! Detoxification via blending fruits, vegetables and drinking a good amount of vitaminized water while being physically active will give the body some rest from constant digestion while still fueling it with all the needed nutrients to maintain and even boost good health. When deciding to jump on board for this revitalizing journey I kindly ask you to have a slow progress into the change to get most from the outcome.

# Introduce your body a week (or two?) before with a smoothie that serves as a meal. Start trying out the recipes to see if there is something that can be substituted (celery has a very distinct taste so maybe it’s not for you) so there wouldn’t be any negative emotion involved when the party starts.

# Drink enough water so you wouldn’t have the feeling of thirst.There is nothing wrong with visiting the toilet more often.

# Be conscious about your breathing. Breathe slowly and deep until your belly bloats up slightly to absorb more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. And hey, sun is caressing cheeks already so go and have a walk in the nature, nothing beats fresh air!

Now think if this is a base for new habits, smile and go for a walk!